Why the Elderly Need Relief for Constipation

Aug 20, 2020 | Causes, Constipation, Elderly

Elderly Relief for Constipation

As we get older there are a lot of things that change within our body. Some of the systems that used to work perfectly fine are slowing down or are not working quite as well as they used to. There are also a lot of habits that change over time and may impact our overall health. One of the common health complaints from the elderly is that they are in need of relief for constipation. In this article we are going to look at some of the things that may be causing the problem.


Hormonal changes happen in the body at all different times of life and this holds true when we get older. Especially in women, as they go through menopause, there are a lot of hormonal alterations happening within the body. Some of these can lead to other health complications like having a need for constipation relief.

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Unfortunately, as we grow older, our bodies also grow weaker, and we have more chance of developing illnesses and diseases. A number of illnesses and diseases have side effects like needing relief for constipation. All it takes is one ailment that affects the colon or the intestines and suddenly constipation can be a regular daily problem. And it doesn’t just have to be something that’s affecting the colon or the intestines or other areas of the digestive tract. Ailments which affect the nervous system can also have an impact on things like needing constipation relief.

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Unfortunately, for a lot of people as they grew older, they exercise less. Part of this may be their joints hurt, they have muscle issues, or frankly have just gotten out of the habit of getting around and moving because they’re retired. Well, the less you exercise, the more likely you are to have some other problems within your system including needing relief for constipation.


One problem a lot of older people have is that their diets aren’t nearly as healthy as they used to be. It seems that as people get older their appreciation for a high fiber diet seems to have gone out of the window and is replaced by a much lower fiber diet. Well, this means that there is less fiber helping to process waste out of the system and can lead to more searches for constipation relief.


A final reason the number of people who are elderly have problems with constipation is that they don’t pay attention to what their body needs so much anymore. Part of this may be their body isn’t communicating as clearly as it used to on what it needs. It is a very common occurrence for the elderly to end up being dehydrated because they are not taking in enough water. In addition to having a number of ill health effects from just being dehydrated, not having enough water in the system can also lead to backups in the digestive tract.

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