Pet ProbioticsThere’s no question, that when it comes to Man’s Best friend, we would do almost anything for our dogs. We make sure they get the best toys, the best food and the best care possible…Or do we?

20 years ago 1 in 10 dogs were diagnosed with cancer. Now its 1 out of 1.65 or more than 1/2 of all dogs you see everyday will wind up with this deadly disease. No one should die of cancer and that includes your faithful and always loving friend, YOUR dog. This is the Big reason we created Pet Probiotics® and Immune Formula.

So what’s the reason for such a drastic increase in cancer and other diseases in dogs? Well, there are a few things, but lets focus on the big one: THE DIET.

Dog food has come a long way in the wrong way over the years and falls short of anything but fully nutritional. Most dog food contains a list of ingredients we would never consider consuming ourselves. Corn, chemicals, preservatives, dye, rendered fat and animal by-products (the waste left on the slaughterhouse floor, road kill from our highways and more gross and detestable things that would shock you).

Nearly all dog food is made with ingredients that are feed-grade instead of food-grade (feed grade does Not qualify for human consumption). This simply allows for higher concentrations of toxicity in the food. Additionally, dog food is cooked at such high temperatures that most of the beneficial Gut bacteria and enzymes are killed off reducing any valuable nutrients. Thus, the crucial need for the Pet Probiotics® Formula.


Corn was never meant for a dogs food. There is no dog species in the wild that eats corn. Almost all corn comes from silo’s that are stored for 1-3 years and LOADED with mycotoxins, a deadly poison that is a by product of fungus and mold. These fungal mycotoxins have been proven, says Fungus Expert Doug Kaufmann, to be almost identical to cancer. Bottom line? NEVER use any dog food that has corn as an ingredient.


These preservatives show to destroy the microflora in the gut (the friendly bacteria which is the majority of the Immune system). If these preservatives are constantly destroying the Immune system, you could expect nothing but sickness/disease as a result. Read the label of your pets food. If it has corn, BHA or BHT in the ingredients, get it as far from your pet as possible.


Grotesque would be a nice word for whats in “meal or meat by-products”. Every piece of waste from the slaughter house floor – yes, noses, ears, skin, genitals, tumors, digestive tracts which can include the feces in it, road kill, dead zoo animals, this disgusting list goes on (I would of said more but didn’t want to make you sick). It is then ground up, made into a large soup like consistency with additives, preservatives and chemicals, dried out and them pressed into a kibble.

Since the majority of health naturally comes from our diet, how can we go on ignoring the (lack of) nutrition our dogs are missing from theirs? While we can’t force dog food companies to change their list of ingredients or how they prepare them, we can stop buying the garbage and choose food that will promote health. We can supply our pets with additional protection by supporting their immune systems and digestive tracts. This is WHY we developed Pet Probiotics® and Immune Formula.


If you have been watching or reading about what helps promote health in Your diet, you’ve most likely learned about the power of probiotics, the friendly bacteria which makes of almost 75% of your immune system. Its very much the same for dogs. These little microflora are the first line of defense. Your dogs health depends on the immune system which equals gut health.

Pet Probiotics® and Immune Formula helps to promote a healthy gut and digestive tract. It helps the body fight off pathogens like virus, bacteria, fungus and the host of invaders that try to make your dog sick.

An excellent dog food, Pet Probiotics® and Immune formula supporting immunity, exercise and lots of love can give your dog the Life you and your family want. Health starts at home!


Our pets are all rescues from the streets of Phoenix. They have turned into “our kids that have paws”. They have added so much to our lives that Veronica and I have decided we want to donate 7% of the proceeds from every jar of Pet Probiotic sold to no-kill shelters and organizations that care enough to help the stranded and the homeless.

This product IS made with Love (and the Best Ingredients and probiotic strains possible.)

Note: For Dogs (and Cats too!).