The Story of PoopDoc

While the name is funny, the problem is definitely NOT. From the most feared sentence ears will ever hear, as my wife Kathy came home one day and said “I just came from the Doctors …. I have Cancer.” From 1999, I threw myself into researching everything I could find about cancer, WHO was getting results and WHY. I couldn’t imagine the unimaginable. I had to find some answers.

Soon it became clearer and clearer. The elimination channels were imperative to stay healthy yet really no one ever talked about it much less saying the word “Poop.” The colon IS the “Foundation to the House.” When that isn’t working right, it seems like the “house” starts falling apart.

Millions and millions of dollars have been spent to constantly bombard us with advertising to eat the wrong foods and live the wrong lifestyle. Most Americans are on a highway to sickness and disease and don’t know it. Eat the typical American diet, fast foods, soda, alcohol, little or no exercise, inadequate amounts of water, a poor working colon and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

By the time I started finding out some real Truth, Kathy had died. It was really tough but I promised myself I would make her life count. I would shout what I learned from the rooftops if I had to. I would talk about what no one else seemed to want to talk about: the colon, pooping, moving your bowels or whatever you want to call it – it was seriously important. A poor functioning colon started the process of autointoxication, or the reabsorbing of toxicity back into the bloodstream causing a slow, self-poisoning. It only made sense that this constant toxic state, putting a huge burden on the immune system, would cause it not to be able to function 100% on all battlefronts.

Cancer, virus, bacteria, fungus and any other enemy sooner or later would slip by our defenses. So much of this would be easily avoidable and everyone could do it. The typical American could point the arrow, the direction of their health, to one of significant improvement by having good bowel health. Add adequate water, exercise, an anti-fungal (phase 1 or phase 2) nutritious diet and you could reduce up to 90% of potential health problems.

I met some great doctors and biochemists that became instrumental. Things started falling in place. One day a friend and I were having lunch and laughing about some billboard ideas. “Are You As Backed Up as this Traffic” went up in the center of Phoenix with close to a million people passing it everyday. Within the first 3 hours it was up, this billboard was being shown on the News, radio stations and even a TV talk show in Los Angeles. The largest Phoenix newspaper called the next day and wanted to do an on-phone interview. The following weekend a full page story with the picture of the billboard officially set off what I humoristically referred to as my “Shock and Awe” campaign.

PoopDoc’s testimonials came flying in via email, telephone calls and letters. Every kind of person from 2 to 102 years old, every nationality, race or creed were getting constipation relief. We even had colon re-sectioning reports call in that operations were cancelled. People that were having 1 bowel movement every three weeks were now going everyday. Constipation problems that “no one could fix,” the impossible cases, people that called in hopeless said they were going daily. Not only regular people like you and me, but doctors and nurses in main stream medicine were included. We’ve even sent PoopDoc to the Palaces in Saudi Arabia!

In my house, the word “poop” is not a dirty word anymore. It’s critical evidence of what’s going on inside. Life and death begin in the colon which doctors, scientists and healers have repeated throughout the ages. The same still applies today.

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Scott Olsen
Founder and President

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