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Health products that perform as promised or your money back. We guarantee your 100% satisfaction for a full year. Go ahead, take a look at our most popular constipation relief and health products below and if you have any questions please contact us and our helpful staff will be glad to assist you.

Constipation Relief Formula #1

Constipation Relief Formula #1

PoopDoc® is a Constipation Relief Formula which helps the digestive tract eliminate unwanted fecal matter. PoopDoc® is a specially formulated magnesium based compound that works with your body’s natural elimination cycle when taken as directed.

PoopDoc® is the #1 by users Worldwide for CONSTIPATION RELIEF.

Pet Probiotics and Immune Formula

You Go Babe® Constipation Relief Formula

You Go Babe® is our famous PoopDoc® Formula #1 with a different label… a label we’ve made “Just for Women”.

When the ladies find out their friend, neighbor, family or even someone they meet at the grocery store talks about how constipated they are, this conversation – maker “You Go Babe” breaks the ice and makes this topic very easy to talk about… and even FUN!!

This is one bottle you’ll want to keep on your pocketbook at all times.

DFS Daily Fiber Supplement #

DFS Daily Fiber Supplement #2

An “Intestinal Broom” created as Part 2 to follow PoopDoc’s Colon cleanse.

PoopDoc’s Daily Fiber Supplement is an effective way of restoring and maintaining REGULARITY in your diet, while gently encouraging your body to eliminate waste material without chemical stimulants (beware of laxatives!) It was created for superior results especially helping those who have experienced bowel challenges. It is so effective it is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed no questions asked.

Formula #3 Super Strain Probiotic Complex 36 Billion per GRAM

Formula #3 Super Strain Probiotic Complex 36 Billion per GRAM

For Optimal Colon Health, PoopDoc’s Formula #3 SUPER STRAIN PROBIOTIC Complex helps restore the ‘friendly bacteria’ in your gut that research says is CRITICAL to a Healthy Immune System, proper digestion/assimilation of food and overall Gut Health. Our SUPER STRAIN PROBIOTIC with WIDE CHARACTERISTICS are 36 BILLION PER GRAM making our Probiotic Complex some of the Best in the World.

* One of, if not the Broadest Characteristic, Most Effective Probiotic in North America.
* Strains with deep and wide characteristics helping support the body’s natural defense against pathogens. 36 Billion CFU per gram.
* 1 Year Unconditionally Guaranteed or Money Back.
* High Potency can recolonize the Gut

Formula #4  Paradoc - a Comprehensive Parasite Formula

Formula #4  Paradoc – a Comprehensive Parasite Formula


PoopDoc’s Paradoc Parasite Formula is a comprehensive parasite formula which can help the body expel parasites and their larva. Paradoc contains all natural anti-parasitic herbs that also help maintain the balance of intestinal flora as well as enhance the bodies abilities to win the parasitic war.

Formula #5  Premium Colostrum - Nature's Miracle

Formula #5  Premium Colostrum – Nature’s Miracle

PoopDoc’s Colostrum helps support a Healthy Gut and Immune System. Colostrum has antibacterial and antiviral properties, helps reduce inflammation, helps the body repair leaky gut syndrome, significantly helps promote ligament and muscle repair, helps improve the body’s healing response, helps use glucose more efficiently which can help your energy levels improve, helps increase exercise capacity and recovery, helps up-regulate protein synthesis (build muscle faster), increase Igf levels and much More. Truly Natures Miracle.

Pet Probiotics and Immune Formula

Pet Probiotics and Immune Formula

Pet Probiotics and Immune formula is designed to help your Dog by promoting Gut health and Support for their Immune system. Made with specific strains of probiotic for a dogs Intestinal tract to help Optimize Natures Greatest Doctor – the Immune system – to Defend and Fight off all pathogens and promote Well Being, Excellent Health and Help lead to a Very Happy Life as an Important part of Your family.

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