What to Eat to Get Relief for Constipation

Sep 21, 2020 | Constipation, Weight Loss, Women

by Scott Olsen

What to Eat to Get Relief for Constipation

Many people do not know “how” to eat, “what” to eat or “what not to eat”. This article is to help answer that question. Eating correctly or more specifically, combining your food correctly, is the most important thing you can do for a working WITH your colon / elimination (pooping), having better digestion and having natural relief for constipation. It’s one of the major answers to the question “what to do about constipation”.

An example of combining food correctly and what happens to be COLON FRIENDLY, would be meat and vegetables OR pasta and vegetables OR potatoes and vegetables. A sandwich that has meat and bread is wrong but how many of us did it since childhood? Everybody else is doing it, why shouldn’t I? Most people have fat bellies and overweight also. Look around.

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Combining food correctly means to never eat a protein and a starch together at the same meal. The reason is HOW our body digests each type of food. The body digests meat by using a strong acid to break it down. The body uses a base (the total opposite of acid) to break down a starch. So what happens when your stomach has meat and potatoes in it at the same time? It keeps pumping in acid to break down the meat and pumping in a base to break down the potato.

When you mix an acid and a base you cancel out each other so the body calls for more acid since it is not acidic enough for the meat to digest. At the same time it asks for more base because the stomach digestive juices are not alkaline enough to digest the starch. This goes on for 6-8 hours back and forth. Indigestion occurs, bloat, acid reflux, gas and an extremely high amount of bodily energy used, YOUR energy, in an attempt to digest that food. By the way, the digestive process is the highest energy consumer of the body, that’s why many times, depending on what you eat, you’re “dog tired” after lunch, and feel like taking a nap.

Now, if you combined your food correctly, your digestion would be complete in less than 60 minutes, there would be no bloat, no gas, no reflux or indigestion. Try it. You will have excess energy and you would NOT be tired, your waist would remain flat and not puffed out. The book “Fit for Life,” by Harvey Diamond, explains this in more detail. Get it! It will change your life and your health.

What to eat for constipation relief will result in a radical improvement digestion and elimination giving you a great answer to “what to do about constipation”. More energy and feeling good mean a better quality of life. Who doesn’t want to feel better?! Today!!

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