Life or Death is What You Put in Your Mouth

Aug 7, 2020 | Alternative Medicine & Health, Prevention

by Scott Olsen

Life or Death is What You Put in Your Mouth

Health is a choice. You can PAY NOW for good food or PAY LATER for doctors and hospitals (and they were the third highest killer of Americans last year). What do you mean a choice?

What we eat promotes health or disease. For example, milk and milk products commonly cause constipation and intestinal inflammation. Commercial milk products are contaminated with bacteria. Even though the government “allows” no more than 20,000 bacteria per milliliter, 7 out of 25 samples in a study conducted by Consumers Reports found an excess of 130,000 bacteria per milliliter.

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Milk is also allowed a certain percentage of the cow’s blood, urine, feces and added chalk (to make it white and pretty) which get into milk during the milking of cows in the dairy lot. Milk and constipation often go hand in hand. We didn’t even touch on steroids and injected or fed hormones and chemicals these animals are given.

Add to that cereal, which a large portion is made from corn. The corn in the cereals is often made from commercial corn (which had been stored in silos for as long as a year and a half). This stored corn turns moldy. Mold produces toxins (poison) called mycotoxins which can injure or kill cells and are known causes of cancer. The foods most often found loaded with mold are corn, nuts, grapes, raisins, fried fruit, berries, beer and fermented foods. Corn syrup made from fungus infested corn is used to sweeten everything from cereal to ice cream and soda. Read labels. In your mind change “corn syrup” to poison.

toxic foods

When we eat toxic foods we are unaware of the toxic load we put in our bodies. How to be healthy is really easier than you think. Cancer can be avoidable. Disease can be avoidable. Eating well equals living well. Healthy habits are how to stay healthy.

An easy rule to live by is to eat only fresh picked organic fruits and vegetables. The others are stored or sprayed with poisons to keep away bugs because it’s cheap. The almighty buck. There are businesses that think if the public doesn’t “see it”, it’s not there. But It Is!

As for meats, the same rule applies. No growth hormones, no antibiotics, no feed modified that has more junk in it than a land fill. Remember “Mad Cow Disease”?? They were mixing slaughter house floor entrails that were ground up and mixed with (mold infested) commercial corn meal. The results were mad cow disease. Are they crazy?! Are we?!? Grass fed cows that live naturally and free range chickens (not those trapped in a 12″x12″ cage their whole life!) that eat a normal, natural diet is and should be the only meat labeled for human consumption. Who do you think we are fooling if we don’t use common sense?

Remember, as YOU do, so will your family. What You do affects Your World, not only yourself. Your goal is to never go to the hospital (diseased / sick) and your 2nd. goal is like it: be healthier than your Doctor (if you have one). You have one life, make it GREAT!

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