Can Constipation Cause Back Pain?

Aug 7, 2020 | Causes, Constipation Related Questions, Prevention

by Scott Olsen

Can Constipation Cause Back Pain

Back pain is often associated with constipation especially when it’s at the acute level. Extreme constipation can also cause lower back pain when pooping. The longer the constipation continues the more pressure that can be pushed against the vertebrae. If you’ve ever seen a body opened up during an operation, you will be amazed how all of that (our intestinal tract is approximately 35 feet from mouth to anus) is packed in there. Imagine the transverse colon (when constipated it expands in size) which goes from side to side crossing under your belly button area. The increased size of the colon pushes against other organs which ultimately pushes against the spine. This is especially prevalent with women because that expanded colon pushes against the uterus with the constipation and back pain quickly to be experienced. You can imagine what extreme constipation will do.

Pregnancy Constipation Relief

To add to an already uncomfortable situation, pregnancy constipation can become one of the most uncomfortable situations additionally resulting in constipation and back pain. Pregnancy constipation relief is on the top of every pregnant woman’s list. It can be very uncomfortable, but what can a person do? has some very unique stories which you might relate to.

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Colon Massage

Sometimes gentle massage of the colon helps. Coconut oil for constipation is used when colon massage is chosen for relief. Coconut oil has many uses but coconut oil is a great oil when massaging the tummy area and the colon. Massage can also help relieve stress which is one of the top 3 constipators.

Some ways for Relieving Constipation Back Pain

1. Poop. Move your bowels one or more times a day.

2. Drink Water. Drink an adequate amount of water. Our body is approximately 75% water. We are like a bag of water with skin on top. We need water! The general guideline is drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water.

3. Remove Stress. Pick something on your stress list and remove it. Easier said than done you say? I’ll bet if someone wrote you a Million dollar check to eliminate one of your significant stress producers, you would find a way real fast.

4. Exercise. Exercise blows off stress and also moves the body which is super beneficial. Walk. 5 minutes a day is better than no minutes. 10 minutes is better than 5 minutes. Do it everyday. Do your walks Monday – Saturday and take off Sunday. You won’t believe how good you will start feeling.

5. Hot Bath or Hot Tub. Relax those muscles. The old ‘Saturday Night Bath’ was more medicinal than just washing off dirt. It was relaxing, it released toxins thru your pores, brings the blood to the surface of the body and then back to the core. It is SO GOOD for you. Throw some bubbles in and turn on some favorite music. Look forward to that each week!

6. Find a Good Chiropractor. Many bad habits can tweak our spine. Be sure its in its proper position. It’s great to feel good again. An once of prevention is worth a pound of cure Ben Franklin said. I think its more like 10 pounds rather than one!

7. Back Massage / Stretch. A good professional massage does wonders for anybody in many ways. Invest in yourself and you might not have to give it to doctors and hospitals later.

Stretch (find a physical therapist to give you some good instruction). This will last you a lifetime. 10 minutes a day could mean back pain gone away, less muscle pain and MORE.

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