5 Major Contributions to Good Colon Health Naturally

Sep 8, 2020 | Alternative Medicine & Health, Constipation, Prevention, The Gut

by Scott Olsen

Good Colon Health


Water is critically important for every bodily function and for detoxification. Lack of water can cause many problems especially over time. Headaches, constipation, high blood pressure to name a few.

For instance, what many don’t realize is that our blood gets thicker as we dehydrate which in turn increases our blood pressure (it’s harder to pump mud than water). 2 quarts a day is an absolute minimum. Put a container on the counter in the morning and be SURE it is gone before you go to bed.

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Fresh fruits and Vegetables

The first natural law is to feed the body natural food. We are meant to have FIBER. We are meant to have natural ENZYMES. We are meant to have food in its raw state. What do most of us do? Cook, microwave, bake.

We kill all the enzymes (which are the keys that unlock) the nutrients OUR BODY NEEDS from the food.

Do something Radical Today! Eat some raw fruit and raw (or lightly steamed) vegetables all in one day! Be sure, if you can, to use organically grown food as they have more nutritional content and are NOT sprayed with poison as conventionally grown food is. When we consume natural foods and follow a more natural way of living, the bowel always responds!


We all have stress but if you take 1 minute to stop and think about your situation, you could probably remove at least 1 stress factor in your life. Write down now the one that just came to mind. Now keep reading.


Exercise moves the lymphatic system, helps rid us of stress, makes us happier (releasing hormones called endorphins), makes us sleep better and helps move our bowels!

Listen to your Body’s Signals

When you have to go, you HAVE to go! If you think “holding it” is ok, even uncomfortable, you’re dead wrong! Holding back bowel movements is what causes diverticula (bowel pockets) to form in the lower segment of the colon. These bowel pockets “trap” feces (yeah, poop) and can stay trapped for years. You don’t have to be a medical researcher to know trapped feces is not only bad but where disease can start. Wonder where that BAD breath came from?

America has the highest colon cancer in the world. Why? Always rushing, stress, (holding it – “I’ll go later”) sitting in front of the TV, (you do more than you think you do), drinking more soda, caffeine and alcohol each day than pure clean water and last but not least food that is processed, fast, frozen, anything BUT natural good wholesome nutrition.

We choose one road or another, consciously or unconsciously. What do you choose, health or disease? Each day counts. They add up over the years… and the years DO come. If a ship leaves a N.Y. harbor and was meant to arrive in England, but the rudder is off by 1 degree, over time and distance that ship would wind up in South Africa. We all want good health but are we really doing something about it?

Cleansing the colon is such a powerful (foundational) way to create better health. One famous natural healer and nutritional evangelist stated after seeing thousands healed of incurable diseases during his lifetime “when you cleanse the bowel, over 90% of all diseases disappear”.

Knowing it takes something strong to motivate people we have decided to put it on the line to encourage you to begin. When you first feel how good it feels after doing a bowel cleanse you will skip to the mailbox instead of walk.

Do it for yourself.

Do it for someone you love.

Do it now.

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