Why Do I Get Diarrhea After Constipation?

Aug 9, 2020 | Alternative Medicine & Health, Intestinal Tract, Prevention

by Scott Olsen

Why Do I Get Diarrhea

We’re asked this question on a fairly regular basis, so we decided to write up a little information on why you get diarrhea after constipation, and why this is actually a good thing. To put it simply; the human body is designed to survive, and diarrhea is one of its survival tactics.

Constipation, or the inability to normally move your bowels, is in opposition to our body’s homeostasis (to stay a ‘smooth running machine’).

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Diarrhea after constipation is an evidence of the body working at fast constipation relief. The bowels use a lot of water just to function, so remember, in your attempts for constipation relief, make drinking water a TOP priority in your day.

Our bodies are almost 80% water! We need water! By the time you are thirsty you are clinically dehydrated. As far as relief for constipation is concerned, water acts like a ‘lubricant’ to move fecal matter through your colon.

Severe constipation can be caused by dehydration, side effects of prescription drugs, the typical American diet, lack of exercise or antibiotics stripping the gut of our intestinal flora (our friendly bacteria which makes up 70 – 80% of our immune system) which we need for almost all intestinal function. Let’s not forget about stress which can be a huge factor that is often too prevalent in today’s society. Some basic daily habits should be considered when you want to achieve good colon health and help solve the diarrhea after constipation problem.

4 Major Basics to Good Colon Health


Water is critically important for every bodily function including constipation relief and detoxification. Not enough water can result in headaches, stomach aches, back pain constipation, high blood pressure, indigestion, constipation, cloudy thinking or inability to think clearly, muscle aches, painful periods, pregnancy constipation, and the long list continues.

Most research shows we should be drinking a minimum of 2 – 3 quarts a day for an average sized adult.


Fresh fruits and vegetables should be steamed or raw, organically grown and should fill 2/3’s of every plate. Get away from the typical American diet! Organic is enzyme and nutritionally rich without dangerous pesticides.


Stress is very destructive to health. It usually “vents” thru the weakest organ. Exercise is a fantastic way to “bleed off” the stress built up inside your body. Exercise also releases endorphins which are hormones that give us a ‘natural high’ and makes us feel really good. This is nature’s way of telling us “we did something really well!” and “do it some more!” Just walking everyday can do wonders.


Probiotics is one of the most powerful secrets for excellent health. Our friendly bacteria in our gut makes up 75 – 80% of our immune system. Every time we have taken antibiotics, our friendly bacteria has been wiped out.

Meat we buy in the grocery store has been raised in commercial food lots that give animals antibiotics regularly to avoid them getting sick and affecting other animals. Antibiotics also cause animals to gain weight which is what makes these companies money.

Fast forward. That chicken, pig or cow that was fed antibiotics have those antibiotics stored in their body. The antibiotics don’t butcher out, they are not cooked out and when we eat that baked chicken, pork chop, hamburger or steak you just ingested antibiotics (unless you bought certified organic meat).

Whether you’re buying probiotics online or from an optimum health products type store, be sure you get a “live”, wide spectrum and wide characteristic premium probiotic.

Protect Your Natural Immune System

What happens when you are constantly killing your immune system, your friendly bacteria in your gut? You are defenseless against every kind of enemy to the human body.

The World Health Organization states THIS YEAR that 1 out of 2 men and 1 out of 3 women will get cancer in their lifetime. THAT IS EPIDEMIC and CATASTROPHIC LEVELS OF DISEASE!

What You Need to Know

Diarrhea after constipation can vastly improve by cleansing the colon, using a good daily fiber supplement with some natural anti- inflammatory herbs blended into it along with a live high quality super strain probiotic.

Drinking enough water, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, exercise, spending some time each day doing the things that you enjoy, spending time with friends and family can all add up to excellent health. Starting today COULD result into a much better tomorrow but it takes YOU to do it.

For more information on our Wide Characteristic, Super Strain Probiotic, go to http://www.optimumhealthproducts.com/Probiotics/ or fill out our form online to Contact Us.

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