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What is an Enema

What is an Enema?

Enemas can be done at home by you. They are used to give relief for constipation, for cleaning out the lower bowel, for detoxing and general over all health benefits. Enemas can use water or coffee. An enema bag / kit can be found at your local pharmacy for around the $10 range. A homemade enema is really easy to do and has many benefits, including an overall feeling of relief and well being. If you’ve never done one, take notes!

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You should have in the enema bag water or coffee that is body temperature. The water should be pure if using water. The coffee should have caffeine and be certified organic if using coffee. You DO NOT use decaf, you must have caffeine in the coffee, it’s what does the work.

Use approximately 1 cup of coffee and 1 cup of water for a coffee enema, again making sure it is body temp.

The Actual Enema

Lay on the floor in your bathroom (knees up) after putting a towel down. Hang the enema bag on the door knob. Bring the hose down to where you are laying and insert the tip into your anus. A small amount of lubricant on the tip usually helps. There is a clamp valve on the hose line which you will be able to control the flow of the water (or coffee). As your laying there slowly open the valve to start the flow. Remember, slowly open the valve so it starts slowly trickling in. Make sure your keep the tip fully inserted (you might need to hold it in so it doesn’t slip out).

Slowly let the bag empty, then remove the tip from your rectum. Lay on your back for approximately 7 minutes, then on your left side for 7 minutes then on your right side for 7 minutes. If you can stand it that long, you are ready to evacuate (sit on the toilet and go). If you can’t hold it for 7 minutes each side do your best. Sometimes the urge to evacuate is so strong you can’t hold it any longer and have to go. You’ll probably go 2, 3 or 4 times before you empty completely out.

The enema definition now gets real. Everything from a nice empty feeling to smelling smells you never smelt before. You might even think this is so strong its going to peel the paint off the walls. Imagine what your insides were going thru. Your homemade enema can be quite effective.

Coffee enemas are good because it not only does a nice job of cleansing your colon but the caffeine travels up the portal vein (attached to your colon and connecting to your liver) and dilates the bile duct in your liver and empties the bile and toxic material the liver has filtered out.

Who Uses Coffee Enemas?

This is used by many advanced cancer clinics. When killing cancer it overloads the liver with huge amounts of dead cells (think of the liver as a giant filter where all your blood travels thru every 3 minutes). The relieving of this massive buildup on the liver allows it to resume at a top performance level. Most of these advanced cancer centers will have the patient do 3 or more of the coffee enemas a day.

The enema is simple and effective. In the old days before doctors and hospitals were on every corner, people had their enema bag hanging in their bathroom as it was often used. The cleansed colon was natural medicine that had a largely positive effect promoting better health, helping eliminate and detox the body.

In Scottsdale, Arizona, there is a very successful and famous Advanced Natural Medical Center that uses PoopDoc in their patients’ therapies. They refer to PoopDoc Constipation Relief Formula as a “colonic in a bottle” because of its cleansing of the large (and small) intestine so effectively. Detoxification and optimal functioning elimination organs is imperative for optimal health and winning the fight against all disease.

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