By Scott Olsen

PoopDoc Commercial - Does 1+1=2?? How many of us think what we put in our stomachs in just one day??


Most people have probably never thought of how much they eat vs. how much they (should) eliminate. With American’s being 90-95 % Fiber deficient and eating so much Fast Food, is there a relationship with Colon Cancer being the 2nd highest cancer in the United States?

Your Colon effects EVERY PART of your body and Your entire overall Health picture. The more toxicity you withhold, the harder it is on your entire body plus it is putting a burden on the immune system.

After 3 days of constipation, you begin “auto-intoxicating” or re-absorbing toxicity back into your blood stream. Why do you feel so much better after going? Maybe your body is rewarding you for doing the right thing?? Listen to your body, it WILL ‘talk’ to you.

Keep in Mind the Basics

1. Drink Water (2 quarts of water minimum for average adult but optimal is 1/2 your body weight in ounces).
2. 1/2 or more of your plate should be fresh vegetables (organic is important because you’re getting higher concentration of nutrients. Most important, you’re avoiding Glyphosate, the pesticide that is sprayed on all conventional vegetables, is highly toxic).
3. Exercise (a 30 minute walk does wonders!).
4. Probiotics (Important as Air and Water).
5. A bowel movement after each major meal (so 1-2 per day minimum).

If you are still dealing with constipation after getting the BASICS right, PoopDoc’s Formula #1 is Doctor recommended and Extremely effective to help your body move…and without stomach cramps or any other negative side effects.

Our Formula #2, Daily Fiber Supplement, adds to the necessary fiber intake most everyone misses. Fiber has HUGE benefits such as helping to keep the colon walls clean, helps the body to lower cholesterol, helps balance blood sugar and gives the peristaltic muscles something to push against not to mention a very easy and quick visit to the bathroom.

PoopDoc’s Formula #3 is a Super Strain Probiotic with huge benefits that will help your body repopulate your Gut with beneficial bacteria (Largest part of your Immune system). Antibiotics found in grocery store meats, chemicals in your food and your living and working environment, even a coke (soda) can upset the delicate but Powerful Gut Flora which is the Strategic Defense System of your entire body. REAL Probiotics are Critically Important.

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